Since 1875 there has been a monument company at 535 North Washington Street. Hardy Memorials lineage is directly traced to The Greenfield Monument Company which was founded by Grover C. Sellers in 1895. Following his death in 1899, his son James H. Sellers took over the business. Along with his son Lyman H. Sellers the company operated as James H. Sellers & Son from early in the century until 1952. It was at this time that David Hardy bought the company from Lyman Sellers after apprenticing with him since shortly after World War II. David E. Hardy owned and operated the company until 1982. He continued to be actively involved with Hardy Memorials until his death in 2011. Jay and Beth Hardy have owned and managed the company since 1982.

At Hardy Memorials, you will find a large selection of monuments and markers made from granite that is quarried from sources all around the world. In addition to granite, you may choose from marble and bronze to make your monument. The large display always includes different shapes, finishes and sizes in all price ranges.

In addition to the display, we are always ready to help our customers in personalizing their monument. We have the ability to encompass unique designs and lettering to make their memorial special. Our customers also have the advantage of looking through the last five years of our work that we keep in albums to help in their selection.

Although rooted in the past, we have kept stride with the changes in the industry. In 1989, Hardy Memorials was one of the first companies in the state to begin using computers to lay out our monuments. We also have offered laser and hand etchings on black granite for several years. These processes allow more precise and intricate personalization of your monument. Hardy Memorials uses sandblast and pneumatic tools daily in memorial production. We design, engrave and finish 95% of our memorials in our family owned Greenfield location. You are never a number on a work order at Hardy Memorials.

Service is a large part of our job. We engrave dates and do modifications to existing monuments. We have repaired and re-set over one thousand monuments in area cemeteries since 1982.

At Hardy Memorials, we try to make each memorial as if it were our own. In this way, we can assure you of the highest quality.

Hardy Memorials
535 North Washington Street
Greenfield, Ohio 45123
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